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Wednesday, December 9th
3:05 PM

Session 2C The Relationship Between Producer Transparency and Sustainable Consumption

Daniella Calvimontes
Zofia Frieberg
Mazey Hall
Victoria Rosa
Carmen Villalba
Christopher Wilson
Jack Kirby

3:05 PM - 3:16 PM

Our project will describe practices of information transparency in food-producing entities using case-studies on randomly selected subjects from around the globe. Objectionable and commendable practices will be shared with a population of potential consumers to explore how such information dictates their choice of commercial food materials.

3:17 PM

Session 2C Case Studies of Eco-Tourism in Tunisia

Anna Wysocki
Joy Pereira
Katie Greene
Emma Perme
Josh Yamada
Patalpa Somolpong

3:17 PM - 3:28 PM

Our presentation is a general overview of SDG 12 followed by a case study on Dar Zaghouan, the first eco-tourism farm in Tunisia. We touch on strategies and objectives of both Dar Zaghouan and SDG 12, and cover successes of the organization.

3:29 PM

Session 2C A Comparative Analysis of China and Indonesia's Adaptation Techniques for Rice Production

Marria Peduto

3:29 PM - 3:40 PM

Rice production is expected to decrease in the next century as a result of climate change. I will analyze the adaptive response of two countries, China and Indonesia, and compare these practices to understand the different ways countries can approach adaptation in agricultural production.

3:41 PM

Session 2C Shade Grown Coffee In Costa Rica

Jenna Lentz

3:41 PM - 3:52 PM

Full text available.

This presentation will focus on the role of Agriculture in Costa Rica, specifically the coffee industry. Traditional methods of growing coffee used shade, but as the popularity of coffee grew so did the need to increase production. This led to industrialized, sun-grown plantations that are harming the earth and contributing to climate change.

3:53 PM

Session 2C Agrivoltaics: Exploring the Opportunities & Barriers to Combined Solar and Agriculture Systems

Alex S. Pascaris

3:53 PM - 4:04 PM

Full text available.

Agrivoltaics, the strategic co-development of land for both solar energy production and agriculture, can meet growing demands for energy and food simultaneously while reducing fossil fuel consumption. This project explores the socio-political barriers to agrivoltaic development while also considering the potential environmental impacts of such systems using Life Cycle Assessment.