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Wednesday, December 9th
2:00 PM

Session 1A Sustainable Development Goal 3: Mental Health and Well-Being

Emily Faulks
Janniry Belen
Andres Sweetland

2:00 PM - 2:11 PM

The United Nations Member States created Sustainable Development Goals and they urge international leadership to commit to 17 goals that are aimed towards increasing peace and prosperity across the globe. These goals are all unique but inextricably linked to social and environmental inequality. Sustainable Development Goal 3 aims to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (United Nations).” Our research consists of three unique targets that function as touchstones to achieve this goal: healthcare, traffic safety, and mental health.

2:12 PM

Session 1A The Power of Quality Education

Melissa Morales
Maria Fernanda Ridoutt
Alec Buttner
Bryn Bernier
Eila Sullivan
Matthew Viozzi
Hannah Masling

2:12 PM - 2:23 PM

Full text available.

The SDG 4 presenters focus on target 4.1 using a Talanoa Dialogue. This dialogue was held by a few teachers and students from across America, and they discussed where we are in education as a nation. The presenters use the Talanoa Dialogue to discuss how America’s education system can progress and what are the crucial steps to attain equitable and quality education for all.

2:24 PM

Session 1A Clean Water

Jessica O'Reilly
Kenna Malott

2:24 PM - 2:35 PM

My research will be conducted to find ways to sanitize and supply water everywhere, but especially in the places that are the most impacted by contaminated water. The research will address the processes needed to collect and sanitize water, as well as distribute it. The goal is to be able to implement clean water filling stations around the local town of Bloomington Indiana, and eventually implement the filling stations around the world.

2:36 PM

Session 1A SDG 2 - Zero Hunger; Case Study: UN World Food Programme (WFP)

G. Sarah Bredy
Rebecca Horetsky
Becky Petrou O'Rourke
Jamie Pourier
Ashley Roes
Rachel Xue

2:36 PM - 2:47 PM

The United Nations World Food Programme has a long history of commitment to meeting the objectives of SDG Goal 2. This presentation will focus on this organization’s objectives, accomplishments, and progress in working towards creating a world where no one suffers from food insecurity.

2:48 PM

Session 1A Oaxaca & Climate Change: Preserving the Environment & Indigenous, Medicinal Knowledge

Annayelli Pacheco

2:48 PM - 2:59 PM

Climate change is declining the agency of indigenous communities.The indigenous peoples of Oaxaca hold cultural, traditional knowledge which is an important element of indigenous medical systems in Mexico. Oaxaca is facing drought and forest fires alongside growing infestations of the forests within the Sierra Juarez mountain range. These ongoing climate events impact the livelihoods of these indigenous groups that make up a portion of the Oaxacan population. The deterioration of natural resources impacts the use of indigenous medical systems as well as the transmission of knowledge found within these systems.