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Wednesday, December 9th
3:05 PM

Session 2D Local ocean conservation- a Kenyan marine-life NGO

Aman Patel

3:05 PM - 3:16 PM

This presentation will introduce Local Ocean Conservation, an NGO in my home country that is doing amazing work to care for marine ecosystems and biota.

Session 2E Effects of Deforestation on Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Case Studies from the United States, Peru and the United Kingdom

Emma Conrad-Rooney
Zach Ginn
Chelsea Hill
Anna Kurkierewicz
Abby Mikolitis
Karina Calizaya Torre
Barbara Gardos Vargas
Paula Lopez Vargas
Sharon Viscarra
Ziqi Wu
Connor Zamora

3:05 PM - 3:16 PM

Full text available.

Deforestation has many unintended consequences on marine and aquatic life ranging from nutrient pollution to rising coastal temperatures. In addition to integrating the study of SDG 14 - Life Below Water and SDG 15 - Life on Land, our research group will highlight our range of geographical diversity, by focusing on case studies from Peru, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

3:17 PM

Session 2D Climate Change and Jamaican Agriculture: Addressing Impacts on Small-Scale Farmers

Margaret VanSchaik

3:17 PM - 3:28 PM

I will be discussing how climate change is affecting Jamaica's agricultural sector and specifically the impacts of climate change on small-scale farmers in the country. I will talk about the implications of climate change impacts for the livelihoods and specifically food security of small-scale farmers.

3:29 PM

Session 2D Hauscarán National Park: Chavin Culture Through the Lens of Traditional Artwork

Serena Natonabah
Marti Zolnir
Tracey Malter

3:29 PM - 3:40 PM

Hauscarán National Park is located on land once known as the Chavín de Hauntar, a cultural site for the Chavin people. This Storymap will take a look at Chavin culture through the lens of traditional artwork and its connection to the land within the park.

3:41 PM

Session 2D Experience of Application of SDGs from Theory to Practice

Tracey Hale

3:41 PM - 3:52 PM

I will be presenting my experience of working towards completing a Masters in Sustainable Development Goals at Massey University in New Zealand. It enabled me to prepare for a change in career path from accounting towards environmental sustainability through real-life applications from case studies to practicum-based approaches.