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Wednesday, December 9th
2:00 PM

Session 1D Climate Action Plans for Universities in the YEAH! Network

Christopher Dorich
Cherrie Donoghue
Megan Farish
Rachel Cox
Ellie Orme
Kathiana Aznaran
Ursala Fiorela Navarro Abarca
Taylor Sanders
Matthew Woods
Macey Halgren

2:00 PM - 2:11 PM

Full text available.

Our presentation is based on SDG 13.3. We will assess the Climate Action Plans of each of our universities, and make a proposal if one has not been established. We will be looking to see how transparent each institution is with their progress, or lack thereof, and make comparisons.

2:12 PM

Session 1D Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Policy in Southeast Alaska

Ben Bridges

2:12 PM - 2:23 PM

Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), a concept encapsulating non-Western epistemologies related to the environment, has entered into political, academic, and activist lexicons in recent decades. This poster explores TEK in environmentally focused policies and statements in Southeast Alaska, noting the distinctions between the ways in which different parties invoke the term.

2:24 PM

Session 1D Green Imperialism in French Polynesia

Sara Mills

2:24 PM - 2:35 PM

Full text available.

French Polynesia is currently still partially under French control. As French Polynesia is a SIDS, they are facing extreme weather events and sea level rise. French resource extraction and a nuclear test site have degraded their environment. I will examine the environmental justice components of this situation in relation to eco-governance and development projects.

2:36 PM

Session 1D Preparing for the Inevitable Low-Carbon Economy: Current Actions of the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, and the Russian Federation

Beverley Thompson

2:36 PM - 2:47 PM

I will be conducting an E-Poster presentation on my semester project for Indiana University class Negotiating Climate (INTL-I420). My research question is how the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the Russian Federation are preparing for the low-carbon transition and the climate crisis?

2:48 PM

Session 1D The Power of Film in the Climate Crisis

Melody Gao

2:48 PM - 2:59 PM

Films on climate change and environmental topics have been incorporated into community environmental education efforts. Individuals are able to get exposure to climate issues and available solutions through film. Using a sociological lens, individual perceptions of environmental films and actions following the viewing of such films are analyzed to gain a better understanding of how cinematic storytelling impacts climate action.