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Wednesday, December 9th
2:00 PM

Session 1B The United States' Renewable Energy Utilization

Lucy Mellen

2:00 PM - 2:11 PM

I will be assessing the United States’ use of renewable energy in comparison to that of top renewable energy using countries. This analysis will explore the solar energy potential of North African countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt as well as other countries like Sweden, one of the top energy consumers in the world that utilizes over half of its energy from renewables.

2:12 PM

Session 1B Internet Expansion Plan Proposal in Developing Countries: Peru as a Case Study

Garion Johnson
Gonzalo Jose Manuel
Neira Chacate
Paul Lavasseur
Andrew Goodolf
Ally Murphy Pauletto

2:12 PM - 2:23 PM

Full text available.

The presentation will explore how cell phone carriers have helped countries work toward SDG 9, Target 9.c. It will be a critical perspective and will include economic, social, and political implications in the countries researched.

2:24 PM

Session 1B Glitter in make up as microplastics: comparative life cycle analysis of biodegradable and plastic glitter.

Iuliia Tcibulnikova

2:24 PM - 2:35 PM

My project is about life cycle analysis (LCA) and comparison of make-up products with synthetic plastic glitter and biodegradable glitter made from eucalyptus cellulose (environmental impacts and market incentives).

2:36 PM

Session 1B Internet Instability: The risks posed by climate change

Luke Huels

2:36 PM - 2:47 PM

This presentation will explore Australia's internet infrastructure vulnerability to climate change, chiefly to sea-level rise/storm surge and from wildfires. This is an under investigated topic in the Australasian region (and, arguably, internationally); the current research forms a baseline from existing knowledge and provides direction for future research and management actions.