Transient liquid-phase sintering of ceramic-reinforced Fe-based composites

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The microstructural development of ceramic-reinforced iron-based composites has been studied. The composites were fabricated via powder metallurgy and liquid-phase sintering, a processing route which achieves near-net-shape with good ceramic particulate dispersion. Two matrix alloys were used, Fe-1 wt% C-1 wt% Si and Fe-2 wt% Cu; up to 30 wt% (≈36 vol%) yttria-stabilized zirconia in the form of ∼20 μm particles was added to these alloys. The microstructural evolution of these composite materials was studied by examining the densification rate and volume fraction of liquid phase as a function of time. Different particle/matrix interfaces developed in the two composites. A glassy silicon-rich layer formed in the Fe-1C-1Si-YSZ composites and a more limited crystalline layer was found in the Fe-2Cu-YSZ composites.

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Journal of Materials Science