Job crafting to recruit and retain women in the IT workforce: What would it take to keep you here?

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Book Chapter

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The shortage of women in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), including information technology (IT), negatively impacts productivity and effectiveness. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce an innovative technique called job crafting to help develop and retain diversity in the IT workforce. Rather than focus exclusively on the negative aspects of workplace challenges and frustrations, this relatively recent technique (Achor, 2011) invites practitioners (e.g., employees and supervisors) to identify opportunities for job improvement. Job crafting is an approach used to help employees modify their jobs to improve overall work engagement. Women IT professionals are encouraged to assess their tasks, professional relationships, and cognitive impressions, identifying ways to improve their experiences in the workplace. The chapter includes implications for organizational interventions, resources for implementation of the technique, and suggestions for future research.

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Handbook of Gender and Technology



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