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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Computer Science (MS)

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Department of Computer Science

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Robert L. Pastel

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Gorkem Asilioglu

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Donald J. Lafreniere


The Keweenaw Time Traveler (KeTT) project is devoted to mapping the historical and social landscapes of the Keweenaw Peninsula. During the project, it was discovered that the server-side performance needed improvement. To address this issue, the "Optimizing PHP API Calls with Pagination and Caching" initiative was launched. This initiative focused on refining API calls, implementing server caching and pagination, and fortifying security against common vulnerabilities. The project successfully mitigated risks associated with SQL Injection and XSS through meticulous code enhancements while improving error handling. Additionally, the introduction of Scroll-Induced Pagination optimized data delivery, significantly reducing response times, and elevating the user experience. Server-side caching further expedited API interactions, offering near-instantaneous results, and improved debugging efficiency. Future recommendations include advanced caching mechanisms, API rate limiting, and intelligent data prefetching. This comprehensive overhaul not only strengthened the application's performance but also set a precedent for future developments in optimizing web-based applications.

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