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February 1976. Thirteenth Annual. Icy Blasts from Our Frozen Past.

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, Michigan Tech, MTU, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


In 1923 Stan MacArthur organized the first Winter Carnival to show off to his girl friend. Stan's girl friend was a local Copper Country girl, but her folks sent her to Mt. Ida Finishing School for Girls. One day she was telling Stan about how talented the Dartsmouth boys were in ice and snow sculpture. Dartsmouth had been having a Winter Carnival for the past years. Stan went to Jim Fisher and asked for some money, which he got, to put on a Winter Show at the old Amphidrome. They made $250.00 after paying back Mr. Fisher, and put the money into an athletic fund. The Blue Key Society organized a new Carnival in 1934. The Carnival consisted of a winter parade, hockey games, snowshoeing and a dance. Residents of the area also participated in the festivities. The first Queen and attendants chosen was in 1936 and snow statues began to appear. 1937 saw the beginning of the variety show and topping off the activities was a combination "Snow Ball", celebrating the college President's birthday and Carnival Dance. The Queen candidates of 1939 had their pictures judged by Paramount Studios of Hollywood, with Bing Crosby and Shirley Ross as judges. The 1940's activities went without some of the luxuries as the war years loomed overhead. However, the winter spirit did continue. The erection of the ski tow on Hancock's Quincy Hill, now Mt. Ripley, made skiing the highlight of 1946. The variety show was revived, after a three year lapse caused by the war, with Veterans playing a major part. The only eight day long Carnival was held in 1952 which included a beard contest along with the other special events. The Ski Club also provided the spectacle of the Flare Pageant, on Mt. Ripley, using flares to create a sparkling effect in the dark. Freezing tempratures in 1952, caused the Ice Revue to be cancelled. Since then, festivities have remained about the same and high spirit has prevailed. [From editorial.]

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