Energy Storage Requirements and Implementation for a Lunar Base Microgrid

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Future lunar missions will utilize a Lunar DC microgrid (LDCMG) to construct the infrastructure for distributing, storing, and utilizing electrical energy. The LDCMG's energy management, of which energy storage systems (ESS) are crucial components, will be essential to the success of the missions. Standard system design currently employs a rule-of-thumb approach in which design methodologies rely on heuristics that may only evaluate local power balancing requirements. The Hamiltonian surface shaping and power flow control (HSSPFC) method can also be utilized to analyze and design the lunar LDCMG power distribution network and ESS. In this research, the HSSPFC method will be utilized to determine the ideal energy storage requirements for ESS and the optimally distributed control architecture. This paper summarizes the HSSPFC application to the LDCMG, along with an example of an operational scenario that outlines the trade-offs for the selection, design, and implementation of the ESS devices.

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SAE Technical Papers