Research Progress on Performance and Deterioration Mechanism of Asphalt and Asphalt Mixture in Chloride Environment

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


Aiming at the impact of chloride salt environment on asphalt pavement performance and deterioration mechanism under actual working conditions, previous studies conducted on the performance and deterioration mechanism of asphalt and asphalt mixture in chloride salt environment are reviewed in this paper, including the laboratory simulation design of the chloride salt environment, impacts of the chloride salt environment on the material performance and deterioration mechanism aspects, also, the future development direction is suggested. The recent study primarily analyzes the performance deterioration process of asphalt and asphalt mixture in the chlorine salt environment via the laboratory simulation accelerated test. However, commonly used laboratory simulation methods of chloride salt environments only consider the impacts of salt, which is inconsistent with the state where the asphalt pavement is subjected to the combined action of several factors, including vehicle load and temperature during the practical service. Moreover, poor correlations are observed in the test results obtained using different test schemes owing to the divergence in the type and concentration of chloride salt, asphalt type, temperature, and circulation mode. The analysis of the impact of the chloride environment on the material performance and its deterioration mechanism primarily based on the laboratory simulation accelerated test, and lacks of in-depth discussion by means of numerical simulation. These test methods and single research mean of the chloride environment are difficult to objectively analyze the corrosion risk and deterioration mechanism of the chloride environment on the performance of asphalt pavement in-service. Therefore, it is recommended further optimizing the chloride salt environment laboratory simulation test plan and establishing a numerical simulation system, from the view of the diffusion mechanism of chloride salt ions in the asphalt mixture, the physical or chemical reactions and corrosion products between chloride-asphalt / aggregate. The laboratory test is organically combined with multi physics numerical simulation to realize the equivalent conversion of the simulation parameters and actual indicators, and to further explore the performance deterioration and mechanism of different types of asphalt and asphalt mixtures in the chloride environment under real service conditions.

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Cailiao Daobao/Materials Reports