Mo VI J = 3/2, 5/2 energy levels, oscillator strengths and Landé g-values

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Relativistic configuration interaction calculations have been performed for Mo VI 4p5 4d2 J≤5/2 and nf 2F5/2 (n≤4-6) wavefunctions. Level energies and E1 oscillator strengths for transitions between these states and the nd2D (n≤4-6) states have been obtained. The calculated LS compositions of all 11 levels of 4p5 4d2 J≤5/2 have been found to be in good agreement with other designations. While most calculated level energies agree well with the most recent experimental work, large discrepancies in a few (upper) levels do exist. The oscillator strength of all 84 transitions are computed, and 36 of the largest (f > 0.001) are presented here. Most of the oscillator strengths are computed for the first time. © 2006 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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Physica Scripta