Moisture damage and fatigue cracking of foamed warm mix asphalt using a simple laboratory setup

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Warm mix asphalt (WMA) appears to allow a reduction in the temperature at which asphalt mixes are produced. This technology is rapidly gaining prominence due to its uniqueness compared with hot mix asphalt (HMA). In this study, the WMA was produced using the foaming method under a simple laboratory setting, and evaluated by the indirect tensile strength and four-point beam fatigue testing. A control mixture, WMA with 1.0%, 1.5% and 2.0% water based of asphalt binder weight were used in the test. These WMAs were produced at production temperatures of 100°C, 115°C and 130°C. The details of the method used to produce the foamed WMA were discussed in this study. Tensile strength and four-point beam fatigue tests were carried out to evaluate the moisture damage and fatigue characteristics of WMA. Generally, when lower production temperature was used, the WMA had higher fatigue potential based on four-point beam fatigue testing. The findings from this study were summarized in the paper. © 2011 ASCE.

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T and DI Congress 2011: Integrated Transportation and Development for a Better Tomorrow - Proceedings of the 1st Congress of the Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE