Dynamic analysis and damping of composite structures embedded with viscoelastic layers

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In recent years, it has been found that composites co-cured with viscoelastic materials can enhance the damping capacity of a composite structural system with little reduction in stiffness and strength. Because of the anisotropy of the constraining layers, the damping mechanism of co-cured composites is quite different from that of conventional structures with metal constraining layers. This paper presents an analysis of the dynamic properties of multiple damping layer, laminated composite beams with anisotropic stiffness layers, by means of the finite-element-based modal strain energy method. ANSYS 4.4A finite element software has been used for this study. The variation of resonance frequencies and modal loss factors of various beam samples with temperature is studied. Some of these results are compared with the closed-form theoretical results of an earlier published work. For obtaining optimium dynamic properties, the effects of different parameters, such as layer orientation angle and compliant layering, are studied. Also, the effect of using a combination of different damping materials in the system for obtaining stable damping properties over a wide temperature range is studied. © 1997 Elsevier Science Limited.

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Composites Part B: Engineering