Growth and characterization of epitaxial Fe < inf> 0.8 Ga < inf> 0.2 /0.69PMN-0.31PT heterostructures

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Fe0.8Ga0.2 films were deposited on bulk single-crystal (0 0 1) 0.69PMN-0.31PT substrates by DC magnetron sputtering to make magnetoelectric bilayer composites. Films deposited at temperatures below 600 °C were X-ray amorphous. Films deposited at temperatures of 600 °C and higher exhibited a single-crystal (0 0 1) disordered BCC structure. The crystalline FeGa films demonstrate a 45° twisted cube-on-cube epitaxial relationship with the PMN-PT substrates. Heterostructures with an X-ray amorphous FeGa film exhibited zero magnetoelectric response. Heterostructures with a 990 nm epitaxial FeGa film exhibited a large inverse magnetoelectric voltage coefficient of 13.4 (G cm)/V. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Crystal Growth