Electrical properties of ferroelectric thin film KNO < inf> 3 memory devices

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Thin film non-volatile memory devices are fabricated on glass substrates by evaporating KNO3 in an ultra high vacuum system. The top and bottom gold electrodes [25 μm × 25 μm] are deposited by shadow masking in the same vacuum system. The KNO3 is protected from moisture by depositing a passivation layer of SiO. Pulse switching characteristics of these thin film memory devices show excellent signal-to-noise ratios for nonlinear and linear behavior. The integration of these transient current vs. time curves yields large values of spontaneous polarization (Ps ≈ 103 μC cm-2). Capacitance-voltage measurements made at high frequency (1 MHz) with slow ramp rates (200 mV s-1-2 V s-1) indicated well-defined thershold voltages and the presence of mobile carriers. © 1980.

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Thin Solid Films