Deformation and fracture in directionally solidified Co-CoAl eutectic

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The effect of growth defects known as lamellar terminations on the yielding and fracture behaviour of Co-CoAl eutectic single crystals was studied using tensile tests and finite-element modelling. The yield strength and strain to fracture were found to decrease with increasing termination density. Observations of deformed surfaces and serial sectioning experiments on fractured tensile specimens revealed that crack initiation during the fracture process was enhanced by the presence of lamellar terminations. The fracture surfaces were found to have a staircase-type appearance, which indicated that the final fracture process was discontinuous with a step-wise propagation from one CoAl lamella to adjacent CoAl lamellae. A computer simulation was conducted to determine the stress distributions about lamellar terminations in model microstructures, since the experimental results suggested that the lamellar terminations behaved as stress concentrations in the microstructure. The finite-element calculation confirmed that lamellar terminations can influence the yielding process; the stress at which the first slip system was activated was found to decrease with increasing termination density. © 1993 Chapman & Hall.

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Journal of Materials Science