A novel method of measuring electrophoretic mobility of gas bubbles

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Department of Biomedical Engineering; Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Accurate measurement of electrophoretic mobility for gas bubbles is a challenging task as it requires the creation of a desired number of very small air bubbles to ensure negligible rise velocities during the course of the measurement. Here, we report a simple and reliable method for generating stable dispersions of “nano-bubbles.” Preparation of such dispersions relies on the nucleation of nano-bubbles in solutions supersaturated with gas. Electrophoretic mobility of these nano-bubbles is determined by the ZetaPALS technique (Brookhaven Instruments) using Uzgiris electrodes coated with palladium. The Smoluchowski limit is assumed in the calculation of zeta potentials. In regard to reproducibility and reliability, this novel method shows a clear advantage over other existing techniques of zeta potential measurement for bubbles.

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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science