Sensitivity study of BARC assembly

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


This paper will present modal analysis results from a systematic study of the assembly of the Box Assembly with Removable Component (BARC). The paper will present results from testing done with both the cut and un-cut version of the BARC and with the different pieces of the BARC both bolted together and attached with a structural adhesive. The boundary condition will be a fixed base excitation. The results will be presented in terms of both Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) and mode shapes and natural frequencies with a goal of showing how the BARC fixture changes with each assembly modification. Upon completion of this testing it is anticipated that a thorough understanding of how assembly methods change the dynamic response of the fixture. This may lead to a suggested assembly method for anyone testing a BARC fixture.

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Sensors and Instrumentation, Aircraft/Aerospace, Energy Harvesting & Dynamic Environments Testing