Two-temperature dual-phase-lags theory in a thermoelastic solid half-space due to an inclined load

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© Author(s) 2016. This article addresses the thermoelastic interaction due to inclined load on a homogeneous isotropic half-space in context of two-temperature generalized theory of thermoelasticity with dual-phase-lags. It is assumed that the inclined load is a linear combination of both normal and tangential loads. The governing equations are solved by using the normal mode analysis. The variations of the displacement, stress, conductive temperature, and thermodynamic temperature distributions with the horizontal distance have been shown graphically. Results of some earlier workers have also been deduced from the present investigation as special cases. Some comparisons are graphically presented to estimate the effects of the two-temperature parameter, the dual-phase-lags parameters and the inclination angle. It is noticed that there is a significant difference in the values of the studied fields for different value of the angle of inclination. The method presented here maybe applicable to a wide range of problems in thermodynamics and thermoelasticity.

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Mechanical Sciences