Forced Convection Heat Transfer from a Particle at Small and Large Peclet Numbers

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


© 2020 by ASME. We theoretically study forced convection heat transfer from a single particle in uniform laminar flows. Asymptotic limits of small and large Peclet numbers Pe are considered. For Pe ≪ 1 (diffusion-dominated regime) and a constant heat flux boundary condition on the surface of the particle, we derive a closed-form expression for the heat transfer coefficient that is valid for arbitrary particle shapes and Reynolds numbers, as long as the flow is incompressible. Remarkably, our formula for the average Nusselt number Nu has an identical form to the one obtained by Brenner for a uniform temperature boundary condition (Chem. Eng. Sci., vol. 18, 1963, pp. 109-122). We also present a framework for calculating the average Nu of axisymmetric and two-dimensional (2D) objects with a constant heat flux surface condition in the limits of Pe ≫1 and small or moderate Reynolds numbers. Specific results are presented for the heat transfer from spheroidal particles in Stokes flow.

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Journal of Heat Transfer