Performance test on Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified asphalt based on the different evaluation methods

Chen Zhang, School of Energy and Architecture
Hainian Wang, Chang’an University
Zhanping You, Michigan Technological University
Junfeng Gao, Michigan Technological University
Muhammad Irfan, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

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To uniform the evaluation indicators of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified asphalt, the SK70# and SK90# matrix asphalt were modified by different SBS modifier dosage in this study. The test methods in China and Superpave were used to test the performance of each SBS-modified asphalt respectively, from which the appropriate evaluation index of SBS-modified asphalt was determined. The results showed that the addition of SBS modifier improved the high temperature performance and lowered the temperature sensitivity of asphalt binder, while it increased the viscosity of asphalt binder in high temperatures. Due to the variability that appeared in the results of the penetration test by the swelling of SBS-modified asphalt, the penetration test was not recommended to evaluate the performances of SBS-modified asphalt. The softening point of SBS-modified asphalt with the modifier dosages of 4.5%, 5%, 5.5% and 6% increased 5.7%, 12.8%, 22.5% and 26.4% respectively compared to the matrix asphalt for SK70# matrix asphalt, and increased 21.2%, 26.3%, 33.6% and 46.6% respectively compared to the matrix asphalt for SK90# matrix asphalt. The effect of SBS-modifier on the softening point of SK90# matrix asphalt is significantly better than that of SK70# matrix asphalt. The improvement effect of SBS modifier on low temperature performance of matrix asphalt decreased with a decrease in test temperature. When studying the influence of the SBS modifier on the low temperature performance of asphalt binder, it was recommended to use the bending beam rheometer (BBR) test to evaluate the low temperature performance of SBS-modified asphalt.