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(1) Background: Plant electrical signals are important physiological traits which reflect plant physiological state. As a kind of phenotypic data, plant action potential (AP) evoked by external stimuli—e.g., electrical stimulation, environmental stress—may be associated with inhibition of gene expression related to stress tolerance. However, plant AP is a response to environment changes and full of variability. It is an aperiodic signal with refractory period, discontinuity, noise, and artifacts. In consequence, there are still challenges to automatically recognize and classify plant AP; (2) Methods: Therefore, we proposed an AP recognition algorithm based on dynamic difference threshold to extract all waveforms similar to AP. Next, an incremental template matching algorithm was used to classify the AP and non-AP waveforms; (3) Results: Experiment results indicated that the template matching algorithm achieved a classification rate of 96.0%, and it was superior to backpropagation artificial neural networks (BP-ANNs), supported vector machine (SVM) and deep learning method; (4) Conclusion: These findings imply that the proposed methods are likely to expand possibilities for rapidly recognizing and classifying plant action potentials in the database in the future.

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