Diffusive mass transfer from a Janus sphere

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


We study the mixed boundary-value problem of finding the concentration distribution surrounding a two-sided (Janus) sphere, with a uniform concentration imposed on one segment of it and the no-mass-flux condition enforced on the other one. This mass transfer problem arises in the analysis of the Marangoni propulsion phenomenon, where a chemically active particle propels itself along a liquid-gas interface via nonuniform release of a chemical species that locally alters the surface tension distribution. Assuming that the mass transfer is purely driven by diffusion (i.e., neglecting advection), we present an approximate form for the concentration field derived from the integral representation of the solution to the corresponding Laplace equation. We demonstrate the high fidelity of the proposed approach by comparing its results with those obtained from a collocation method based on the series solution of the problem. Beyond the motivating problem, our findings are expected to be applicable to the self-diffusiophoresis of catalytic colloids, as well as to the conduction heat transfer and electrostatics problems involving partially insulated spheres. Moreover, our approach can lead to the derivation of similarly accurate approximate solutions to analogous problems in mathematical physics.

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Physical Review Fluids