Influence of Core Variables on Aluminum Casting Dimensions in Semi-permanent Molds

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Castings are near-net-shape components that are almost always machined to produce the final product. Dimensional variation is driven by casting geometry, dimensional accuracy of mold and core boxes, variation in the mold and core material properties, and casting process. This work examines the shrink behavior of stepped tubular castings with varying wall thicknesses. Dimensional shrink magnitudes are related to processing factors (core type, resin content, and knock-out time) and geometric factors (section size, inner/outer diameter, location relative to parting line) using a full-factorial design of experiment. Shrink factors, a scaling number used in building tooling to obtain the correct size component, are determined as a function of the tube inner and outer diameters as well as length.

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International Journal of Metalcasting