High order sign-preserving and well-balanced exponential Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for the shallow water equations with friction

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Department of Mathematical Sciences


In this paper, we propose a family of second and third order temporal integration methods for systems of stiff ordinary differential equations, and explore their application in solving the shallow water equations with friction. The new temporal discretization methods come from a combination of the traditional Runge-Kutta method (for non-stiff equation) and exponential Runge-Kutta method (for stiff equation), and are shown to have both the sign-preserving and steady-state-preserving properties. They are combined with the well-balanced discontinuous Galerkin spatial discretization to solve the nonlinear shallow water equations with non-flat bottom topography and (stiff) friction terms. We have demonstrated that the fully discrete schemes satisfy the well-balanced, positivity-preserving and sign-preserving properties simultaneously. The proposed methods have been tested and validated on several one- and two-dimensional test cases, and good numerical results have been observed.

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Journal of Computational Physics