A unique black TiO 2 created from CO-induced oxidation of defect-rich TiO 2

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Black TiO is an emerging semiconductor with a narrowed band gap for visible light absorption. Very recently, CO, as a reductant, was explored as a substitute of H to prepare black TiO . In this work, we surprisedly found that CO could act as an oxidant to remediate the oxygen vacancies in defect-rich TiO , accompanied with the introduction of carbon species into it, leading to the formation of a unique black TiO material. The light absorption of this material was significantly enhanced with an evidently narrowed band gap down to 2.79 eV. Furthermore, a mid-gap state emerged owing to the carbon species. These findings highlight a successful exploration in both black TiO synthesis and the application of CO as an oxidant. 2 2 2 2 2 2

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Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids