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Far infrared materials have been prepared by precipitation method using natural elbaite powder as raw materials, which belongs to tourmaline group. The chemical formula of elbaite is Na(Al, Li)3Al6B3Si6O27(O, OH, F)4. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) shows that elbaite and alumina in composite material has good crystal form. In addition, XRD results indicate the formation of alumina crystallites show that alumina powder exists as nano-meter particles on the surface of elbaite powder. It can be calculated the particles diameter of Al2O3 is 47.86nm. The maximum infrared radiation rate of tourmaline/alumina composite materials is 0.89 when the ratio of alumina in elbaite powder is 20%. The infrared radiation rate has been increased by 0.03, compared with single elbaite. It shows that the infrared radiation rate of the composite materials is higher than any of a single component. Two reasons are attributed to the improve of the rate of far infrared radiation: alumina powder exists as nano-meter particles and different materials will increase the absorption peak and the vibration intensity in FTIR spectra.

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