Application of a reynolds-stress turbulence model to gas turbine combustor calculations

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© 1999 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. A Reynolds-stress turbulence model and a 16-species, 23-step kinetic mechanism for hydrocarbon combustion are applied in a CFD code to analyze two combustor configurations: 1) A lean, pre-mixed, gaseous propane-air laboratory burner, and 2) A simple liquid-spray combustor burning Jet-A fuel. Computed flow fields for the propane-air system are compared with the Reynolds-stress model and a conventional k-ε. model. Computed NO production with each turbulence model is compared to experimental data for this case. Computed results are presented for the liquid-spray combustor to demonstrate the utility of applying a higher-order turbulence model and a moderately complex kinetic mechanism to the problem of combustor analysis.

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37th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit