Molecular tools for facilitative carbohydrate tansporters (Gluts)

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Department of Chemistry


Facilitative carbohydrate transporters—Gluts—have received wide attention over decades due to their essential role in nutrient uptake and links with various metabolic disorders, including diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Endeavors directed towards understanding the mechanisms of Glut‐mediated nutrient uptake have resulted in a multidisciplinary research field spanning protein chemistry, chemical biology, organic synthesis, crystallography, and biomolecular modeling. Gluts became attractive targets for cancer research and medicinal chemistry, leading to the development of new approaches to cancer diagnostics and providing avenues for cancer‐targeting therapeutics. In this review, the current state of knowledge of the molecular interactions behind Glut‐mediated sugar uptake, Glut‐targeting probes, therapeutics, and inhibitors are discussed.

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ChemBioChem Reviews