Controls development and vehicle drive cycle analysis of Integrated Turbocompounding, Electrification and Supercharging system (ITES)

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Integrated Turbocompounding, Electrification and Supercharging (ITES) is a novel approach for integrated implementation of technologies aimed at reduction of fuel consumption in a single unit. The ITES system optimally manages the power flow between the turbocompound turbine, secondary compressor, 48V electric motor/generator and engine by employing a planetary gear set. The unified approach delivers a substantial reduction in both expense and space claim while improving the overall system efficiency in comparison to the independent implementation of each of these individual technologies.

As part of a previous development effort the ITES system functionality was validated through engine drive cycle simulation primarily utilizing the 48V motor generator unit for power split turbocompounding, power split supercharging and engine torque assist. In this latest development phase, the functionality of ITES system has been evaluated on a vehicle level model through a vehicle drive cycle simulation. First, a supervisory control strategy was developed for the ITES system to facilitate start-stop, regenerative braking and engine torque assist functionality using the ITES motor/generator unit. Next, a GT-Suite engine model developed for a downsized engine with the ITES unit applied, along with an appropriate control strategy, was integrated in to a class 6/7 vocational vehicle 1D model. The model was then simulated over the GHG Phase 2 ARB cycle and the fuel economy was compared to that of vehicle model with only the baseline engine configuration. Finally, the battery capacity was optimized to maximize vehicle fuel economy and battery life.

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ASME 2018 Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference