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Open Access Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (MS)

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Paul Sanders

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Stephen Kampe

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Daniel Seguin


Development of aluminum alloys has seen an increase in attention in recent years. The 5xxx series of Al-Mg alloys has the potential to provide strong, lightweight materials in various industry applications, however issues with strain formability and corrosion hinder the development of these alloys. The addition of Sc for developing Al3Sc precipitates provides considerable precipitation strengthening as well as grain refinement characteristics that can help mitigate these issues. Alloys with varied Mg content were analyzed for heat treatment aging responses and precipitate formation, changes in mechanical behavior related to the Portevin-le Chatelier effect, and effects on intergranular corrosion when tested with and without inclusion of Al3Sc precipitates. Findings are presented that show similarities in aging response, differences in precipitate formation, alterations in the severity and type of strain instability during deformation, and mitigation of intergranular corrosion.

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Metallurgy Commons