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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management (MS)

Administrative Home Department

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Advisor 1

Andrew Burton

Committee Member 1

Tara Bal

Committee Member 2

Evan Kane


A novel follow-on study examines the recovery of ecosystem processes in 2018, following the cessation of chronic N deposition additions from 1994 to 2017 to a series of northern hardwood forest stands in Michigan. This recovery study focuses on the response to reduced N deposition of dissolved organic C (DOC) and dissolved organic N (DON) in soil solution and leaf litter N concentration. The findings suggest that even after N treatment to the system had stopped, N saturation was sustained, as soil solution outputs of nitrogen from the system were approximately equal to ambient N deposition inputs. Leaf litter N also remained elevated which could lead to a continuation of many of the other responses associated with elevated N, including elevated DOC leaching. The study sites continue to exhibit effects of N saturated ecosystem during the first year of recovery, but more time will be needed to fully understand the long term recovery effects reduced N inputs to the ecosystems.