Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Science in Medical Informatics (MS)

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School of Technology

Advisor 1

Guy Hembroff

Committee Member 1

Yu Cai

Committee Member 2

Donald Peck


This study was performed to examine the efficacy of a newly adopted electronic health record (EHR) system at a small rural cancer center. I evaluated the current system, and interviewed key medical staff members in an attempt to identify issues with the current set up and find solutions to major problems. I uncovered many barriers to the practice success such as user buy in, work redundancy, lack of knowledge and/or training, interoperability and template issues. The physician had issues with obtaining maximum benefit from the system such as inability to generate practice productivity reports and lack of efficiency. In an attempt for optimization, suggestions were made to redesign workflow and focus on key EHR functionalities. Successful optimization of an existing EHR system post implementation is key to efficacious growth of a practice as we move into a new health care environment which is highly reliant on health information technology.