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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Integrated Geospatial Technology (MS)

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School of Technology

Advisor 1

Yushin Ahn

Committee Member 1

Yushin Ahn

Committee Member 2

Eugene Levin

Committee Member 3

Curtis Edson


Photogrammetry is playing more important role in many industries today, and thanks to Structure-from-Motion, 3D point clouds and 3D meshes can be produced and be used as a resource for surveying and documentation.

In this project, the accuracies of Structure-from-Motion generated point clouds from pictures taken from different distances are assessed to determine if the distance has a significant impact on the accuracy and what kind of pattern the accuracies will show if there is any. Due to space limit, an improvised turntable was used in order to mimic the condition where camera moves around the object. Multiple images were collected from different distances and corresponding point clouds were generated using Agisoft Photoscan. Using the generated point clouds, accuracy assessment was able to be carried out.

During the analysis, other than the impact of distance, a slight impact of different colors was found first visually and then also analyzed with similar method.