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Open Access Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Forestry (MS)

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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

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Blair Orr

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Joseph Bump

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Chelsea Schelly


Rural Paraguay presents great opportunities for investigation into the subtle differences in the use of medicinal plants across seasons and the urban versus rural dichotomy in a rapidly globalizing society. One of the most interesting opportunities is comparing a rural population to the population of an urban center that has be the destination of local migration from the rural communities surveyed. This study investigates the seasonal differences and difference between urban and rural residents in the type of medication used to treat thirteen different common ailments and the source of medicinal plants used to treat those ailments. Interviews performed in January through March 2015 and repeated in June through August 2015 revealed small differences seasonally and between places of residence but a larger homogeneity in the two populations, a homogeneity that stems from the recent micro-migration of urban residents from nearby rural communities.