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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Computer Science (MS)

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Department of Computer Science

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Robert L. Pastel

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Donald J. Lafreniere

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Gorkem Asilioglu


The integration of ArcGIS with Redux through middleware presents a novel approach to managing state in geospatial applications. This report outlines the process and benefits of combining ArcGIS’s robust mapping and analytics capabilities with Redux’s predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It begins with an introduction to both technologies, followed by a detailed discussion on the architecture design, focusing on the role of middleware as the linchpin in this integration[1]. The paper highlights the benefits, such as improved state management and application performance, and addresses the challenges encountered during the integration process. Implementation details are provided, including the setup of the Redux store and the specific middleware used for ArcGIS integration. The paper concludes with a look at potential future enhancements, emphasizing the scalability and maintainability of this integration method. This Report serves as a guide for developers seeking to enhance their geospatial applications with advanced state management techniques.

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