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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (PhD)

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Department of Physics

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Alex Kostinski

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Jacek Borysow

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Will Cantrell

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Vladimir Tonchev


The unifying theme of this thesis is the characterization of “perfect randomness,” i.e., independent and identically distributed (IID) stochastic processes as these are applied in physical science. Two specific and mathematically distinct applications are chosen: (i) Radar and optical polarimetry; (ii) Analysis of time series in meteorology. In (i), IID process of a special kind, namely, with a distribution defined by symmetry, is used to link its multivariate Gaussian density to uniformity on the Poincaré sphere. This “statistical ellipsometry” approach is then used to relate polarimetric mismatches or imbalances to ellipsometric variables and suitably chosen cross-correlation measures. In (ii), recently discovered and distribution-independent methods of data ranking are employed to examine temperature time series via the notion of the 2D cumulative distribution function in rank-time C(r, t) where the IID process again plays the central role in defining general signals. Several original analytic and computational results concerning C(r, t) are obtained.

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