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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (PhD)

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Department of Physics

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Issei Nakamura

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Ravindra Pandey

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Ranjit Pati

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Christo Christov


We develop Stockmayer fluid (SF) models to predict and analyze dielectric properties of polar solvents, ionic liquids, and polyermized ionic liquids. A Stockmayer fluid treats molecules as simple Lennard-Jones spheres with dipole moments and point charges. With this model we calculate the solvation energies of 26 ions in 7 polar solvents and compare with experiment. There is qualitative agreement and we find that the SF model can account for the effects of dielectric saturation, which the commonly used Born solvation energy equation lacks. We also calculate the dielectric constants of these 7 solvents and find quantitative agreement with experiment. We also compare the SF model with experiment in regards to temperature dependence, electric field dependence, and salt concentration dependence of the dielectric constant of water. We also model the ionic liquid Ethylammonium Nitrate and calculate its dielectric constant, and compare with a polymerized version of the same material, simply chaining the cations and allowing their dipoles to rotate freely. We then implement a novel model for the polymerized ionic liquid Poly N-vinyl Ethylimidazolium Bromide, with restricted dipolar motion. We find that polymerized ionic liquids with restricted dipoles exhibit dielectric decrement compared with their monomeric ionic liquid counterparts, but with increased degrees of freedom can experience enhancment of their dielectric constant. We also detail some drawbacks of the model as well as posit potential future research avenues.

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