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Open Access Master's Report

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Master of Science in Environmental and Energy Policy (MS)

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Department of Social Sciences

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Adam Wellstead

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Angie Carter

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Anat Gofen


This report consists of an analysis of the interactions and information shared between Policy Innovation Labs (PILs) and their stakeholders over the social media platform Twitter during the summer of 2020. The focus is on how the PILs use Twitter as a tool for stakeholder engagement and the information that is being shared in these interactions. To accomplish this, Twitter data for 42 US-based PILs was downloaded using NodeXL and coded using NVivo according to both method of message delivery and message content. The results show that there is two-way communication that occurred during the collection period, though PILs employed several different methods of engagement to create this communication. The information discussed consists of topics that both relate to the PILs’ work and the current events of the collection period either as separate or related topics. These findings suggest that Twitter can be used as a method for successful stakeholder engagement by PILs.

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