Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MS)

Administrative Home Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Advisor 1

Craig Friedrich

Committee Member 1

Kari Henquinet

Committee Member 2

John Gershenson


This is an investigative report on the use of generative design and genetic algorithms in the design of energy-efficient buildings. It focuses on a workflow using Project Refinery© and Dynamo© in Revit® for multi-objective optimization and visualization, and Honeybee© for daylighting analysis. The workflow was not about to run completely due to instability in Dynamo, however daylighting analysis and visualizations were produced separately from demonstrations of Refinery. It concludes that while genetic algorithms have potential to be useful in energy-efficient building design, these programs are not yet fully developed and difficult to use without extensive background knowledge and fluency in Python, due to issues regarding incompatibility between software versions.