Interactive Sonification markup language (ISML) for efficient motion-sound mappings

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Despite rapid growth of research on auditory display and sonification mapping per se, there has been little effort on efficiency or accessibility of the mapping process. In order to expedite variations on sonification research configurations, we have developed the Interactive Sonification Markup Language (ISML). ISML is designed within the context of the Immersive Interactive Sonification Platform (iISoP) at Michigan Technological University. We present an overview of the system, the motivation for developing ISML, and the time savings realized through its development. We then discuss the features of ISML and its accompanying graphical editor, and conclude by summarizing the system’s feature development and future plans for its further enhancement. ISML is expected to decrease repetitive development tasks for multiple research studies and to increase accessibility to diverse sonification researchers who do not have programming experience.

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Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction Technologies