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February 1973. 10th Annual. Frigid Fairy Tales.

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, Michigan Tech, MTU, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


Besides its superb planning and handling of all Winter Carnival activities, the Michigan Tech chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity annually sends 500 snowballs to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. There, the southern guys and gals have a helluva good time pelting each other with the Copper Country whitestuff.

The shipping of snowballs, originally the idea of Mr. Roy Moses, was initiated about ten years ago and immediately gained national publicity since Southwest Texas State is the alma-mater of former President of the United States, the late Lydon B. Johnson. Today the shipping of snowballs has became a Tech tradition. Last year's Texas snowball fight was covered by no less than four television and radio stations. [From Introduction]

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