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February, 1975. Twelfth Annual. The Frozen World of Frostbound Funnies

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, Michigan Tech, MTU, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


Ever since Blue Key took over the planning and execution of the Carnival in 1934, they have increased the number and quality of Winter Carnival activities. This year's theme of "The Frozen World of Frostbound Funnies" has equaled and surpassed past performances by Tech students and Blue Key.

The skits, the Queen's coronation, special events and the running around that goes on during Carnival Week all take immense planning on the part of Blue Key. The Carnival has changed so much from the circus show on ice in 1922 and the championship hockey game between Houghton and Hancock high schools. Today it is recognized as one of the world's largest Winter Carnivals with huge snow statues skits and MTU hosting exciting NIC hockey action.

Most of this reputation is due to Blue Key National Honor fraternity and their hours, weeks and months of hard work, which began in August and in some cases, will not end even after the Carnival. The men of this hardworking fraternity are chosen because of outstanding leadership in both academic and non-academic areas. Again we salute the members of Blue Key for a job well done. [From Introduction]

Michigan Tech Lode Winter Carnival Pictorial