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February 1972. Ninth Annual. Snobody's Perfect.

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, Michigan Tech, MTU, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


Amid the icy furies which hail winter in Michigan’s Copper Country, there annually arises a latent bit of desire among the student organizations of Michigan Tech. Energies and spirits are directed for weeks on end in a struggle to create from the vast blanket of whiteness a pocket of fleeting splendor on their campus. Magically huge mounds of snow are transformed into momentary works of art and the spirit of competition pervades the very atmosphere. 1972 is mentored by the theme “Snobody’s Perfect”. A phrase which becomes all the more evident as the final hours of agony and delight wane on and this truth is brought home. We salute those whose time and effort have gone into the creation of this year’s Winter Carnival and, in behalf of our university community, say thanks. [From editorial.]

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