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February, 1968. Fifth Annual. Walt Disney Wonderful World of Ice.

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Cloaked with almost a half century of history and tradition, Winter Carnival emerges in 1968 as a unique national event and undeniably the highlight of the school year. Through imaginative and energetic efforts in the past and continuing enterprise this year, Carnival is truly a tribute to not only the present student body but also to those long forgotten pioneers who fostered the winter spectacle here at Michigan Tech.

This year Winter Carnival is not just a tribute to past and present generations of Techmen. It is also a tribute to a man, who through his own imaginative and energetic efforts, enchanted the entire world, not for three cold days in February but for all time. Walt Disney, truly the Showman of the World, received award after award for his excellence in all mediums of entertainment, made possible, to use his own terms, through “imagineering.” By gathering together the talents of many people, Disney was able to achieve a degree of success unequaled in his field, success that continues to grow even after his death.

On a smaller scale, Winter Carnival is also an achievement in “imagineering.” By gathering together the talents of the student body, and otherwise drab and dreary college campus is transformed into our own Fantasyland of ice and snow. The contributions of many student groups, both large and small, coupled with the leadership and planning of Blue Key Fraternity, have made this year’s Carnival undoubtedly the best ever. The efforts of the Student Council, along with the cooperiation of the administration, faculty, and staff of Michigan Tech cannot be overlooked. The support of the townspeople in the event has been greatly appreciated. In general, the involvement of everyone is the decisive factor in a successful Winter Carnival. To those who visited our campus during this time, may the experience become a cherished and lasting memory.

To those who exhausted themselves in the Carnival activities, may these three frustrating, freezing days become a source, of pride; pride in their own achievements and pride in Michigan Tech. [Editorial]

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