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February, 1967. Fourth Annual. Midwinter Mockery.

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, MTU, Michigan Tech, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


A Unique Theme: What is Winter Carnival? What does it mean to you, the Tech Student? It could possibly be a visit by your special girl; weeks of preparation by you and your Fraternity; the cessation of classes for a day and a half; the chance to make fun of whatever you want to make fun of in the skits; an opportunity to see live entertainment perform at the concert; the thrill of seeing a Queen chosen; a chance to take part in the numerous events of Carnival, perhaps the most important being the building of a snow statue; or it might just be a heck of a good time that in some way makes up for the life you lead in studies and snow. Whatever it means to you, Winter Carnival is a mood, an expression. As with all moods or expressions, Carnival has a theme. Midwinter Mockery has been chosen for the theme of this year’s Carnival, and a generous one it is. To the delight of all snow statue builders, Midwinter Mockery gives them the go ahead for a statue that may be anything they want it to be. In the Past, many students have wished for such a theme rather than one that limits their artistic abilities. This year, the statues have the advantage of a theme that demands mockery and satire, be it humorous or serious. With such a liberal opportunity for expression, we have a Carnival that is profound in •ts nature, and dramatic in its ideas. [From introduction.]

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