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February, 1969. Sixth Annual. Iceterical History.

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Michigan Tech Lode




Winter Carnival, MTU, Michigan Tech, Michigan Tech Lode, Blue Key, Michigan Technological University


It took many hours of hard work, almost unbelievable frustration, a tremendous rush, and a touch of panic, but, as usual Winter Carnival seemed to arrive on time looking better than ever before. And it has been going on like this for the past 47 years.

At first, this year’s theme looked as if it would hinder the imagination of the statue builders. This impression remained for only a short time though, as the ingenuity of the men and women of Tech quickly produced bountiful numbers of statues with a great range of ideas. The meaning of Iceterical History is to recreate an event as it would have happened if the time, place or circumstances had been slightly changed. Examples of this can be found almost anywhere around the campus. [From Editorial]

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