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Quality mental and behavioral health care is a key contributor to general health and wellness, and there is an urgent need for such care in the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC). Our project, currently funded by Portage Health Foundation through Michigan Tech, evaluates the effectiveness of a treatment program that has been recently developed to help individuals of the KBIC who struggle with substance use and criminal behaviors. This treatment program is aimed to enhance health and wellness and prevent recidivism. We have measurable goals to promote evidence-based processes of care by monitoring the program’s performance, evaluating treatment outcomes, and thereby improving mental health and behavioral health care, and ultimately, improving community health and wellness. This research can also serve as a conduit to building a trusting relationship with the KBIC and MTU and foster a partnership research approach that would have positive, long lasting impact on the tribal citizens.


Psychology | Teacher Education and Professional Development

Creating a culture of better mental/behavioral health among the American Indians in the Keweenaw



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