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In Multiscale Transport Process Laboratory our research is focused on the experimental and computational analysis of transport phenomena in electrochemical devices and propulsion systems. In this talk our research activity on proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) for automotive application will be explained. Water management is one of the most critical issues in PEMFCs. The water generated in catalyst layer as a product of the electrochemical reaction needs to be removed through porous media by diffusion if it’s vapor, or by capillarity in case of liquid. In flow channels, the liquid water is removed primarily by inertial force of the gas flows. Two major projects in our PEMFC research are 1) mass transport through porous media and the effect of land-channel geometry on transport processes, and 2) two-phase flow pressure drop measurement in the PEMFC flow channels and model development.


Engineering Mechanics | Mechanical Engineering

Two-phase transport in proton exchange membrane fuel cells



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